Who are the approved caterers?

A Pimento                           Blue Ridge Cafe          Blue Ridge Pizza (with staffing)

BBQ Exchange                    C&O                           The Catering Outfit

Dinner at Home                   Glorious Foods             Harvest Moon

Have Food Will Travel         The Local                    Roadside Chive

What is the layout of the property?

The property’s layout can be found here.

What is the layout of the barn?

The barn’s layout can be found here. A sample of wedding layouts can be found here. We recommend using the Icovia Space Planner to experiment with different seating configurations.

How many guests can fit inside the barn?

Considerations such as entertainment selection, meal type, bars, and accessory tables will ultimately influence how many guests may fit in the barn for dinner. Generally, the barn can accommodate up to 150 guests for a seated dinner with room for a dance floor. For groups of 150-200 dinner may be hosted under a tent in the front yard followed by dancing inside the barn. 

What if it rains?

Events hosted inside the barn are protected from the rain. For events of 100 guests or under, the barn may be used for a ceremony, cocktail hour and reception in the case of bad weather (pending your caterer’s approval). Events of 100 guests or more may need to install a tent in the front yard to accommodate guests for the ceremony or cocktail hour in the case of bad weather.

What sort of lighting is within the barn?

The barn is illuminated with floodlights on dimmers in each corner. Additional lighting may be contracted and installed by the companies listed to the right.

How much time do we have for setup and breakdown?

Your full-service caterer will be in charge of setting up and breaking down the space (ceremony and reception) according to the contract specifications. You will be provided with an additional 2-hour block on Friday for drop-off and rehearsal and 1 hour on Sunday for clean-up.

Is there a curfew for events?

Curfew for all events at Panorama is 10:30pm. Most on-site ceremonies begin between 4:00pm-5:00pm.

May we have candles inside the barn?

Votive candles in holders are permitted. Candelabras, hurricanes and suspended or hanging candles are not permitted.

May we include our dog in our wedding?

We welcome canine involvement as long as the dog is provided with transportation home following the wedding ceremony.

What does the venue manager do?

A venue manager (included in the facility rental) will open and close the facility and be onsite throughout the event to answer venue-related questions. This individual will not coordinate any setup, breakdown, or timeline management.

What will the farm look like during my event next spring/fall?

The spaces used during events will always remain mowed and manicured and the pastures will always look like natural farmland. At any given time they may be cut short, growing tall with winter wheat, or budding with soybeans, depending on the crop rotation that is decided by the farmers that lease those pastures.

Are there any hotels near the venue?

The hotel located closest to the venue is 15 minutes away at the Doubletree on Rt. 29N. There are many other great hotel choices in the area close to downtown Charlottesville which is just under 30 minutes from Panorama Farms.